Please read our Terms of Service carefully as they contain important information about our services, rules applied to your subscription, and valuable data regarding the use of our website. By using our website, you agree with all the terms of use provided on this website. Changes may apply with or without prior notice.





By using our website, you agree that we have the exclusive rights to amend, change, improve, modify or discontinue our services with or without prior notice. Ilovework shall have no liability or responsibility for any inaccuracy, failure to secure, or deletion of your account information.


Ilovework reserves all the rights to refuse any customer’s application with derogatory information or anyone who possesses a threat to the reputable name of the company.


If any of our services is not favorable or acceptable to you, you can only resort to canceling your subscription.


Any attempt to work out a project outside Ilovework will also result in the termination of a subscription.  


Terminated accounts can reapply after six months depending on the violation of the account user.  




By using our website, you have the sole responsibility of securing your account’s passwords and information. However, if an unauthorized user is detected, you agree that we will notify you or you will notify us. The service account password will be sent to you with email verification. Hence, you agree to share your email address and other personal information.


You must agree that when using our website on public computers, you must sign out your account and assure that it is properly logged out. In the event of any negligence, Ilovework is not liable for any loss of subscription or change of information regarding your account unless you will notify us when an unauthorized user is detected.


By allowing other users to use your service account or password you are in breach of our terms of use thus termination of account is required.







Ilovework requires clients to pay our freelancers with two options. By project or per hour. Freelancers must set their per-hour rates in their profile visible to the client so that it will help them decide whether to hire them or not.


To secure the freelancer’s assurance of getting paid, clients must start a contract. No contract, no job! This will give security to our freelancers that every inch of effort being done shall be paid.


On the other hand, our freelancers must finish the assigned tasks before the client releases the funded amount. This is also for the client’s security of getting the job done before spending any sum of money on their projects. It must be a win-win situation for both.


To ensure sustainability and business continuity, freelancers must agree to a ___% cut of their compensation or salary that they will get from the clients.


Salaries will be paid via Paypal or Payoneer.





Account users whether freelancers or employers may cancel their accounts. You may cancel your subscription via email request in Ilovework helpdesk. You should receive a response within 7 days. If you did not receive any response, assume that your account is still active, thus your profile will still be included in the client’s search engines.

For employers who fail to apply the payment terms of use, freelancers have all the rights for dispute. Employers have the right to a LOT (Letter of Explanation) to defend their side. If in any case proven that employers violated any of the payment terms then Ilovework can terminate his or her subscription.  


Upon termination of a subscription, you must delete all the output of our service, our system, and our entire website and servers.  


We have all the rights to seek civil damages if in the event there is a spread of rumors about our services just because your account has been terminated.





By agreeing to use our service, we do not guarantee that our service will be system error-free, damage-free, virus-free, and downtime-free. We do not imply any warranty that our platform will be always secured, timely, sustained, reliable, and efficient. But we imply that we will do our best to avoid situations of any kind.