Is it free to join in Ilovework?

Yes! It is free! Find a job in just a few clicks in this digital job marketplace!


How to start?

Create a profile that will showcase your skills so that clients will quickly screen if you are a great match. An outstanding portfolio, availability, and communication proficiency can make your profile stand out!


Showcase what you do best!

Mastering your chosen niche is one of the best ways to land on a project efficiently. Ensure that the job you applied for will streamline your skills and abilities.


Talk to our experts!

Are you confident that your skills stand out? Do you believe you can be a great asset to your future clients? Here in ILW, we have a team of experts we call Talent Managers who scout for the best freelancers for specific jobs. Waste no time and avail of our Pro Package, which costs $14.99 that will include your profile to the lists of top-rated professionals who get to see or bid for projects firsthand and will direct you to exclusive opportunities!


How do you get paid?

There are several ways how you get paid. It can be through the following worldwide money transfers:



Western Union



ILW gets five percent as a service fee for business sustainability and maintenance from the client’s pay to their freelancers. But freelancers get paid according to the negotiation between their clients. You can set your rate!

Freelancers shall get paid after the project is successful or milestones. You should also bear in mind to start a contract before proceeding to the project.


What are Bid Credits?

Bid credits are the fuel that will drive freelancers to their dream jobs. There is a required number of bid credits for every job proposal.

There are four ways to get “Bid Credits” in ILW. There will be two bid credits required for every job proposal in any job post.


  1. Monthly FREE Bid Credits

Freelancers will receive free bid credits monthly to help them reach out to more clients.


  1. Buy Bid Credits

Bid Credits costs $0.33 each and are available in bundles of:

$1 = 3 bid credits

$2 = 6 bid credits

$6 = 20 bid credits

$8 = 30 bid credits


  1. Earn Bid Credits

Freelancers can earn bid credits in several ways:

  • Register for the first time and receive 20 bid credits to get started. If you complete the ILW Profile display tests, you will receive another 20 bid credits.
  • Win an interview. Ace the interview, and when you get a reply from a client, you will get a bonus of 3 bid credits.
  1. Share Bid Credits

Sharing bid credits from one freelancer to another is possible but only limited to 10 bid credits every month.


What’s in store for freelancers?

With the tough competition of talents in the web industry, we find better ways for freelancers to manage their job-seeking experience. Hence, you can verify the following details:

-the client’s location

-how many applicants have already applied for the job

-how many are being interviewed

-client’s history of hiring includes feedback from freelancers, total money spent, average hourly rate paid, and the date of joining ILW.


HOW IT WORKS (for Clients)

Building a business is challenging. Finding the right people is another! Now, let us solve your problem! You are in the right place! As valued clients, you can see how many freelancers on ILW are there for each niche or industry. Narrowing down the niches will help catapult you to the right person for your business needs. This way, you can manage your “find and hire” experience.


Find and Hire

Create and post the job you need for your projects. Expect to screen proposals within the day, negotiate with your selected freelancer and HIRE!


Get ahead of your hiring process with our Membership Packages.

Choose the service you want to subscribe to here in ILW – the Standard free Package and the Pro Package, which costs $14.99. The Standard package means you need less assistance in the selection process. The Pro package gives you an exclusive opportunity to hire the top-rated freelancers we have in different niches. Our Talent Managers will help you scout for the best and outstanding freelancers who will surely be an asset to your projects.

Please take note that we conduct the same quality services on both packages.


How does it work for both freelancers and clients?

Feedback is necessary to maintain a great working relationship. Clients can post feedback regarding the freelancer’s results. ILW will track the progress of the work that the freelancer is assigned, and the client will have the opportunity to rate every milestone of his collaboration with the freelancer. The feedback should be based on the following:

-quality of work

-flow of communication

-freelancer’s availability



The freelancer also has equal rights to render feedback on working with the client. This way, we can monitor what freelancers look for in a client and vice versa. Furthermore, the freelancer will be allowed to dispute or appreciate the client’s feedback.


Easy and Safe Payment

Our standard is that freelancers must deliver the project before getting paid, but the payment per milestone is also an option. When it comes to salary disputes, we are determined to accommodate both sides of stories. We will actively participate in the mediation to resolve salary disputes that will always aim to resolve issues of both sides.